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        About us

        STAR-UP Pigment is a specialized manufacturer of organic pigments of red, yellow, orange and violet. Located in Hangzhou city, we enjoy good
        location for we are only 3km away from Hangzhou Airport and 160km to
        Shanghai Airport.

        With years' hard working, STAR-UP Pigment mow has an ability to
        produce 15,000 tons every year. Our products are mainly used in the fields of ink, coating, plastic and rubber, etc.

        STAR-UP Pigment commits to develop the technologies to improve the quality of environment-friendly pigments. We aim to make STAR-UP a
        famous brand enterprise in the world for in organic pigment.

        STAR-UP Pigment also believes in the principle of “Respect customer, Reply on quality, Co-innovation and Sustainable development”.

        STAR-UP Pigment expects your participation and supports. Let's
        create a brilliant future together!

        Add:Nanyang Development Zone,
        Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China.
        Sales department:+86-571-82173888
        Purchase department:86-571-82170999
        E-mail: info@staruppigment.com
        URL: www.staruppigment.com